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  • "How much is it to hire a vintage bus?""
    The cost of hiring our buses depends on several factors including distance, location and duration. Weekend dates are more expensive than weekdays so we offer a bespoke quote based on your exact requirments. Please note passenger numbers (upto the bus capacity) does not affect the hire cost.
  • "What is included in the price?""
    All quotes are fully inclusive, covering the hire of the bus, the driver & conductor, fuel and insurance. For weddings, we also include white ribbons on the front of the bus, however these are only applied for photos only, we do not drive with the ribbons attached as they restrict the view of the driver.
  • "Can we come and view the buses before we book?""
    Yes, we know that before you book a vintage bus you want to be sure of the quality and reliability of the vehicles on offer, so we are more than happy for you to arrange an appointment to come view our buses at our depot.
  • "Are there any unsuitable roads or inaccessible venues?""
    Our buses are 14ft 6ins high and over 8ft wide so we do not take them down country lanes or single-track roads due to low trees and passing constraints. Some roads also have low bridges and weight restrictions which can make access to some rural venues impossible. Please check before booking as we know many venues from previous events. However, if your event is being held at a venue that we have never visited (and if access looks tricky) we will always do a recce before you book. We do charge £70:00 for this, however if after doing a recce we deem the venue is accessible and you subsequently go-ahead and book with us, we will deduct this fee off the hire cost.
  • "How many passengers can you carry?""
    All our buses have a maximum capacity of 64 seated passengers. We do not allow any passengers to stand while the bus is moving.
  • "Are young children and babies allowed to travel on the bus?""
    Yes, small children and babies are more than welcome on the bus, but as all our vehicles were built in the 1960's they do not have seat belts fitted, so please let your friends and relatives know this before they travel. Unfortunately, young children and babies cannot travel in their push chairs, they must sit on parents’ laps while the bus is moving. Each bus has enough storage space for either 2 small folded push chairs or 1 large folded pram.
  • "Where do you operate?""
    We are based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and typically operate within a 50 mile radius of our depot. So our main operating area is Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey, and London; however, we are happy to provide quotes for events outside this area.
  • "Do you work at night-time?""
    For Weddings and other family occasions we do not offer late night returns. We know from experience that the novelty of riding on a vintage bus soon disappears at night; after a long day your guests prefer a quicker, modern transport alternative to get them to their beds as quickly as possible! We therefore recommend you book a modern coach/mini-bus operator for any late-night returns.
  • "What type of events do you do?""
    You can hire our buses for most events, we typically accept bookings for Weddings, Corporate Events, Family Occasions, School Proms and Film & TV work. However, please note our vehicles are over 60 years old so they are not party buses, we therefore do not take bookings for race events, hen or stag parties (or any other event where a large amount of alcohol will be consumed) we also do not hire our buses for political rallies and protest marches.
  • "How reliable are the buses?""
    Our buses have been restored to a very high standard, furthermore, our policy of preventative maintenance at our fully equipped workshop ensures they are very reliable vehicles. Each bus is subject to a thorough mechanical and safety inspection every 8 weeks so it is highly unlikely they will let you down.
  • "Do the buses have heating?""
    Yes, the buses do have a good heating system, but remember there are no doors just an open platform at the back, so if any members of your party are likely to be cold-sensitive we recommend they occupy seats on the upper deck or at the front of the bus in the lower salon.
  • "Can we bring food and drink on the bus?""
    Sorry no food is permitted but we do allow you to serve a moderate amount of alcohol, just agree the details with us when you book. The following rules apply... 1. The hirer is responsible for providing all drinks and plastic flutes, no glass allowed. 2. Only alcohol and soft drinks brought on at the beginning of the hire can be consumed on the bus. 3. The quantity of alcohol should be appropriate for the number of passengers. 4. All empties must be removed at the end of a hire.
  • "Can we decorate the inside of the bus?""
    Yes, but please let us know at the time of booking and we will arrange to arrive at the pickup point early enough for you to put the decorations up yourselves, or subject to the bus being available you can decorate the bus at our unit the day before your event. Please note you cannot decorate or hang any banners on the outside of the vehicle, unless it is being used as a static display.
  • "Can we have our names on the front of the bus?""
    Yes. You can add a personalised blind(s) at any time after you have booked a bus for your event, although we do need 6 weeks' notice for printing and there are a number of options available; please call to discuss your requirements. The fee is £85:00 per blind or you can personalise all 3 blinds at the front of the bus for £195:00 (usual fee £220:00) and you are more than welcome to keep your blind(s) after the event.
  • "Is there wheelchair access?""
    Due to their age there are no mechanical wheelchair ramps fitted to our buses, wheelchair users are more than welcome to travel on our vehicles providing assistance is available to help them on and off. Disabled passengers cannot sit in their wheelchair while the bus is moving.
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