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What is a Routemaster Bus?

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Vintage buses are very much the most sought after mode of wedding transport hire right now and that trend looks like it is set to continue.  There is a wide variety of vintage buses available for wedding hire across the UK, but what do you imagine when you think of a vintage bus?

Vintage Bus Hire for Weddings and Special Events | Routemaster4Hire
The Iconic London Routemaster Bus

What most people think of is a traditional red double decker bus with an open platform at the back, a half cab at the front and the iconic 'ding ding' from the conductors bell, an image made famous by the London Routemaster bus that served the capital's streets for over 50 years.

There are other models that served in towns and cities all over the UK such as Bristol and Leyland, these buses are just as good for private hire, but the London Routemaster is the iconic design that stands out, so as vintage bus hire becomes more and more popular the name Routemaster is also becoming very recognisable albeit often confused with other models - just because its an old double decker bus doesn't make it a Routemaster!

If it is a Routemaster you want for your event make sure it is the traditional London bus and not a provincial double decker that may look similar but has none of the iconic characteristics of the London Routemaster bus.

Vintage Bus Hire for Weddings and Special Events | Routemaster4Hire
The Iconic London Routemaster Bus

All the buses in the Routemaster4Hire fleet are genuine London Routemasters, so when you hire one of our buses for a wedding or special event they are an iconic means of transport, they have that feel about them that makes everyone look forward to travelling on them, its pretty much guaranteed that everyone is going to have a great time as they will instantly be taken back to the grace and charm of 1960s Britain.

We are proud to own a fleet of iconic London Buses and we love sharing them, thats why we offer them for private hire. We are passionate about what we do, so please sign up to receive our regular blog posts as we continue to share our enjoyment of operating the iconic London Routemaster Bus.

To find our more about our Vintage Bus Hire for Weddings and Special Events please call us on 01978 799 909 or visit our website...


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