Some common questions we are asked...

How much does it cost to hire a bus?
The cost of hiring our Routemaster buses depends on several factors including Distance, Location and Duration. We offer a bespoke quote based on your exact requirements.

What is included in the price?
All quotes are fully inclusive, covering the hire of the bus, the driver & conductor, fuel and insurance. For weddings, we also include white ribbons on the front of the bus, however these are only applied for photos only, we do not drive with the ribbons attached as they restrict the view of the driver.

Routemaster RM765 WLT 765 at a wedding receptionCan we drink alcohol on the bus?
Sorry, but we do not allow any food or drink (except water) to be consumed on the bus.

Where do you operate?
Our main operating area is North Wales, Merseyside, Cheshire and North Shropshire; however, we are happy to provide quotes for events outside this area.

Are there any unsuitable roads?
We will not take our buses down country lanes or single track roads due to low trees and passing restrictions.  Some roads also have low bridges and weight restrictions which may make access to some country venues impossible so please check before booking.

How many passengers can you carry?
Each Routemaster can carry 64 seated passengers.

Do you work at nighttime?
Yes, but only by special arrangement.

How reliable are the buses?
Our vehicles are subject to a rigorous maintenance programme, so it is highly unlikely they will let you down.

Can we decorate the inside of the bus?
Yes, but please let us know at the time of booking and we will arrange to arrive at the pickup point early enough for you to put the decorations up yourselves.

Top deck seatsCan I have personalised Routemaster destination blinds?
Yes. We need around 4 weeks' notice for printing and there are a number of options available; please call to discuss your requirements. A typical fee is £55.00 per blind and you are more than welcome to keep your blind after the event.

Is there wheelchair access?
Due to the age of the bus there is no wheelchair access, though wheelchair users are more than welcome providing assistance is available to help them on and off. Disabled passengers cannot sit in their wheelchair while the bus is moving.